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Cozy Study Spaces to Welcome Fall

Angus has long awaited Autumn and the cool air that comes with it. Being so new to life, Angus has never experienced Fall before. He is excited to see all the new changes the season brings, like the crunch of leaves on the sidewalk in front of the library or the changing colors of the trees that line the windows behind the Circulation Desk. What he looks forward to the most is finding a cozy spot to bury down with a good book. That’s why, today, he toured McCain Library to find the coziest spots to read!


Angus started in the Main Reading Room on the green couch. He settled in with a warm cup of tea and a copy of Circe by Madeline Miller. His notes? “The table is perfect to hold my mug, and the fireplace adds warmth to the room, even when it is not lit.”

IMG_1195 IMG_1207

From there, he visited the back hallway that connects the Main Reading Room to the Readers’ Gallery. “The windows bring in lots of warmth which feels nice! I also enjoyed taking breaks from reading to look out the windows and people watch!”

Out on the terrace, he found a sunny table where he could read and relax in the calming afternoon sun. “While the seats are not as comfy as the ones inside, it is important to get plenty of Vitamin D as we get further along in the year,” he noted. “Today’s weather was perfect for an outdoor read.”

IMG_1210 copy 2

The couch in the Elmore Reading Room was definitely comfy but perhaps a bit too comfy. All Angus had to say about this study spot was “Zzzzzz.”


However, after a brief “power” nap, he relocated to the floor in front of the couch and managed to read many pages before it was time to move on to the next spot. “Sometimes,” he says, “the coziest spaces are the ones you make yourself.”


While on the Ground Floor, Angus visited the new reading area by the CDs and Media Rooms. “This is a perfect hangout spot for my friends!” Angus shared in excitement. “But I admit I am a bit small for a couch this size.”


Lastly, Angus tried the reading nooks in the front stairwell. The one on the Floor 2 was his favorite. “There are so many pillow options and the vines make me feel like I’m outside but without all the bugs! I love the view of the quad and watching everyone walk by, and the natural lighting is just enough to keep me from getting distracted constantly!”

So there you have it! Where are you going to study this Fall? McCain has lots of options suited for your various needs. Do like Angus and come find which one is right for you!

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