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Food in the Library


With exams around the corner, McCain Library is a great place to study, and when you are hard at work studying, it is always nice to have a snack on hand to keep you energized and motivated.  We at McCain Library want you to feel as comfortable and focused as possible around test time which is why food is permitted so long as it falls under our guidelines. We ask that you do not bring greasy, sticky or smelly food, uncovered drinks or full plates of food (i.e. from the dining hall) into McCain Library.  If you need to bring drinks or food into the library, please dispose of them outside the building.

Some food items that are acceptable to bring into the library are nuts, snack bars, pretzels, non-smelly sandwiches, fruits so long as they are not strong smelling or loud when eaten.


To ensure that everyone has a comfortable place to study, free from lingering smells, greasy or sticky desktops or keyboards, yucky garbage bins, rodents or bugs, we ask that you eat the following kinds of foods outside.


If you have any questions or concerns about what can and can’t be brought into the library, refer to the Food and Drink Policy on our website and feel free to ask someone at the Circulation Desk if a food item is allowed! We also have drink parking at the first floor entrance for anyone who wants to leave their drink behind and pick it up as they leave!


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