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Get Well, Angus!


You may have wondered where Angus has been these last few weeks. After feeling under the weather for a while, he decided to go on extended sick leave, but he hopes to return shortly, stronger and better than ever! If you have time over Thanksgiving Break or need a relaxing breather from school work, consider bringing Angus a kind note of encouragement or a book recommendation to let him know he is in your thoughts! We will have a basket at the Circulation Desk where you can drop off any notes you would like to leave him. With all this free time on leave (or on “leaf” as he has taken to calling it), Angus has focused on rereading a lot of great classics! Last week alone he finished Anna Karenina and Persuasion, both of which are available for check out at McCain Library! While these were fun to revisit, he longs for new books and recommendations, so visit the Circulation Desk to leave a caring word for Angus! If you don’t have time to write him a little something, just tell a Circulation staff member how much you miss him (or comment/like) and we can let him know!

Angus also wants to know what is your favorite book to read when you get sick?


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