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McCain Library Book Recommendations


McCain Library has an innumerable amount of positive attributes. The Main Reading Room is absolutely magical. Various study spots around the building provide a comfortable atmosphere for any kind of student. Our equipment is constantly being used to help students complete projects throughout the year. What is perhaps the best part of McCain Library, though, is the large collection of books you can find within its walls. The following are just a few samples of the many works you can find here.

A Season with the Witch – Author J. W. Ocker relocates to Massachusetts to explore the phenomenon surrounding the small town of Salem and the half a million tourists that flock there every October to celebrate the witchy and the weird.

The Environment and the People in American Cities, 1600s – 1900s- Author Dorceta A. Taylor studies the origins of environmental activism in connection to the evolution of US cities, focusing on social change movements that have influenced the American people’s relationship with the environment.

Inside Ms.: 25 Years of the Magazine and the Feminist Movement– 1997 executive editor of Ms., Mary Thom, chronicles the history of the popular women’s magazine and the role it played in producing future feminist writers.

A Natural History of Time– Geophysicist Pascal Richet constructs a chronological history of the Earth and examines the clues that went into discovering just how old our planet is.

Black on Both Sides: a Racial History of Trans Identity– C. Riley Snorton’s book exhibits the importance of racial diversity within transgender communities and unfolds the connection of slavery to the anti-black and anti-trans legislature that still exists today.

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