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VitalSource Bookshelf and Free Textbook Access

Bookshelf post

Are you struggling to find access to your textbooks? Before making any big purchases, check VitalSource Bookshelf to search for free access to your textbooks! VitalSource has announced a program to provide access to more than 55,000 titles used in higher education for displaced students. If you need access to a textbook during the period of ASC’s online teaching, McCain Library highly recommends you check their site for your required readings. Students are allowed to “borrow” up to seven titles and will have access to them through May 25, 2020.

Students simply:

  1. 1. create an account and verify it from your ASC email address
  2. 2. log in to the VitalSource Bookshelf app or website using your ASC email address
  3. 3. search the Explore area,using the textbook’s ISBN (unique number for specific edition) or title within Bookshelf.

vitalsource 1

If you have any questions about VitalSource Bookshelf access or usage, visit the Accessibility page to learn more!

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