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Remote Studying and Working Tips

As we transition to Online Classes for the Spring Semester, listed here is some advice on working and taking classes from home. Please send us a message or leave a comment below if you have any tips you would like to add that we missed!

Transitioning to working and studying at home will come with some challenges, but the biggest challenge is time management. This is a great time to find out more about your own skills with time management and where you can improve those skills. For a list of popular time management techniques, visit this post.

Staying focused while studying, writing papers, and being on a computer is already a feat. Adding Zoom meetings and recorded video lectures can seem daunting at first, but with a few modifications it can be done! When in live Zoom classroom meetings and lectures, be sure to mute your microphone until you are ready to talk (to minimize background noise) and turn off notifications from your other devices while focus is needed.

Some distraction-blocking websites you can use are Cold Turkey (Windows, MacOS), Freedom (Chrome, Firefox, iOS, MacOS, Opera, Windows), Hocus Focus (MacOS), LeechBlock (Chrome, Firefox), Mindful Browsing (Chrome), Self-Control (MacOS), and StayFocusd (Chrome).

While it may feel lonely sometimes, working and having classes from home does not have to be a solitary experience! Whether you need help with a research question, tutoring, or just a friendly hello, faculty and staff are ready to continue their work.

Utilize this week and get acquainted with the resources you will need at and email us with any questions about resources and library services.

When your homework and classes are all online, your email account may see an increase in usage, so here are a few ways to email effectively and make your inbox seem less scary:

  • Create folders for each class and move pertinent emails out of your inbox after you have read/responded to them.
  • Always use a relevant phrase or sentence in the Subject heading. Subject-less emails can be easily overlooked or lost in a busy inbox.
  • Schedule when your email will be sent: If you know when someone typically replies to your emails (for example, during office hours), you can schedule an email to send at that time.

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