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Happy 50th Earth Day!

Earth Day 2020

Today celebrates the 50th anniversary of Earth Day! Take some time today to celebrate the Earth and all the people and organizations that work hard to take care of it. See below for tips on how you can celebrate Earth Day 2020!

  • Spread awareness about a piece of legislature that can positively impact our environment or research local, state, and federal elections to see which candidates are striving to protect and heal our planet. Your vote makes the difference!
  • Join a live stream that celebrates Earth Day! You might be unable to celebrate Earth Day in person, but that does not mean you cannot take part in the virtual festivities happening across the nation. Check out one of the live streams listed below to learn from world famous scientists, climate change activists, and celebrities and take part in Earth Day trivia!
    • Earth Day Live
    • NASA Science Live
    • EarthFest from Home with the Museum of Natural History (Hosting “Earth Trivia” at 8 PM Wednesday evening)
    • Earth Day Networkw
  • Plant bee friendly flowers! The Honey Bee Conservatory recommends peonies, bee balm, lavender, phlox, zinnias, and marigolds as just a few plants that bees love that are ready to be planted now! Find a more detailed list on their website.
  • Learn ways to reduce, reuse, recycle! Look up fun activities for reusing plastic bottles, old t-shirts, or newspapers / school work. Educate your parents, siblings, and friends on how they can change their carbon footprint. Take notice of what materials you throw away over the next few days and see if there is a way you can recycle them instead!
  • Get outside! Take time to go for a walk or ride your bike around the neighborhood. Not only is the exercise good for you, but sunlight will increase the production of serotonin in your body which can elevate your mood and help with productivity and focus.

However you choose to spend your Earth Day, share your festivities on social media with the hashtag #EarthDay2020!

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