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Free Webcomics


Free Comic Book Day 2020 may be postponed until later in the summer, but that does not mean you can’t still enjoy some free comics. Listed below are several websites that offer free webcomics in different formats to suit reader’s preference. Webcomics have gained popularity over the last decade, and many have been published in print or adapted for animated shows. Check the list below to see some of the best free webcomic sites available now!

  • Webtoon offers full-length comics in a vertical scroll function. Some popular comics on this site are Lore OlympusThe Wrath & the DawnSafely Endangered. Webtoons categorizes its comic selection by genre and the age group with which it is most popular, but you can also view comics by their upload dates, weekly popularity, and the amount of likes a comic receives.
  • Tapas has published over 77 thousand comics on their site. The Tapas app requires viewers to sit through ads in order to view recently updated episodes, but their website offers a full view of the comic without ads. Tapas comics are known as “bite-sized stories” and tend to be very brief updates.
  • Hiveworks was founded in 2011 by comic-creators who wanted a free space to share their own comics and to be able to maintain their control and ownership over their works. To further support comic creators, Hiveworks has an online store where readers can find their favorite comics on merchandise.
  • Becomics offers creators a unique tool for creating innovative comics. Run by comic creators, this site produces comics with movement, rotation, and other unique features that many sites do not, allowing readers to have a fun, original experience with webcomics.
  • Spider Forest is one of the oldest comic sites that still is updated regularly. Started in 2004, Spider Forest has moved with the times and kept their web content to the highest standards. Spider Forest staff hold submissions once a year for new content creators.

Other popular comic sites are Tumblr and Deviantart, although these sites are not designed for high quality comic reading. Published graphic novels like Nimona and Check, Please! originated on Tumblr and gathered a large fan-following that gained them attention from major publishers.


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