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Dalton Gallery – Searching for Home

We have all searched for home. Some have found it, while for others it is a lifelong quest. In this century the entire interwoven globe has reeled from constant motion to arrested stop – and soon, back again —reacting to displacement – war – pandemic– violence – poverty – danger – climate – upheaval – politics – chaos – nature’s whims – disease. As the pendulum swings, some search for an ideal PLACE; others yearn for psychic or spiritual sanctuary. The search may be a physical progress or a journey of the spirit; the seeking may be voluntary or forced; tragic or hopeful. The goal is a better life and safety for ourselves and those we love – the security of HOME. Artists are sharing the quests – giving faces to the seekers – exploring the paths –joining the search. We know when we get there.

Dalton Gallery

The Dalton Gallery of Agnes Scott opens a new exhibit today titled “Searching for Home” which runs 9/3 – 12/12 this year.
This exhibit is viewable in person via reservation, with a limit of five visitors per time slot. Mandatory masks and social distancing will be expected of all visitors.

Many things come to mind on the topic of Home, but below are a few eBooks that shed light on the themes of the new exhibit.

Heading for Home by Zahava Hanan

Longing for Home : Forced Displacement and Postures of Hospitality by M. Jan Holton

Tears for Tarshiha by Olfat Mahmoud

Struggles for Home : Violence, Hope and the Movement of People by Stef Jansen and Staffan Löfving

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