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National Coffee Day

Did you know today is National Coffee Day? If you are anywhere near campus, then you know it is the perfect day to curl up with a warm drink and a good book while the rain drizzles down outside. No matter where you in the world, we hope you are celebrating National Coffee Day with your favorite coffee (or other beverage) and keeping McCain Library in mind.

If you consider purchasing a coffee today but also know you should save your money, check out David Bach and John David Mann’s book, The Latte Factor: Why You Don’t Have to Be Rich to Live Rich. This parable analyzes the different ways people from all generations and walks of life can spend, save, and invest their money to have the successful, fulfilling life of their dreams. Bach encourages readers to pursue their current dreams and passion while saving for a comfortable future.

If you would like to access this book from McCain Library, local Scotties can utilize the library’s Grab & Go service. All Scotties are welcome to use our Controlled Digital Lending service which allows you electronic access to the book. For more information on this book or our services, contact the library at or call 404-471-6094.

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