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National Native American Heritage Month

Celebrate National Native American Heritage Month by learning more about the rich culture and traditions of native populations in North America. Below you will find electronic and print books available through McCain Library that can offer a deeper understanding of Native American history. For more thorough research, check out the Native American Heritage Month website. Here you can find upcoming events, access the National Archives’ collection of Native American records, explore significant artwork, research laws and legislature related to early indigenous peoples, and view the Veterans History Project, which details the experience of Native Americans who fought overseas in from World War II to Iraq.

View below for a list of books by Native American authors. Many are available in electronic copy. Complete an author search to find more titles by those authors.

Remember that print books can be electronically loaned to you through McCain Library’s controlled digital lending service. If you have any questions about this services or our Grab & Go service, please email for more information.

We would love to hear more book recs from you! Comment below to share your favorite reads by indigenous authors.

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