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You may recognize JSTOR Daily from the Institutionalized Racism Syllabus that we shared back in June. JSTOR Daily is an electronic publication that pulls content from the JSTOR database to add scholarly context to certain current events and pop culture news. The free JSTOR Daily subscription highlights new topics each week and provides a full list of resources at the end of the story to encourage further research. JSTOR Daily crafts syllabi like the one mentioned above on different current events to tie together multiple stories about an important and thought-provoking topic. Currently available syllabi are: The Role of Voting in American Politics, Climate Change, Media Literacy and Fake News, Teaching Pandemics, and more!

JSTOR Daily also provides thought-provoking stories on unique topics that you may have wondered about but never knew how to research. Several recent articles on the site cover topics like the search for American cinnamon in the early days of colonization, how garlic played a role in Italian classism, and the gruesome bodies displayed in the windows of the Paris morgue. Whether you use JSTOR Daily as a source of fun facts you can surprise your friends with or as inspiration for your next research topic, this publication is a great place to expand your knowledge.

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