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Research Roundtable Skill Builder 11/14 @ 5PM

Do you find reading scholarly articles difficult? In this interactive Q&A style session, you will learn reading tricks that will help you quickly understand the key points of a scholarly article. This skill builder is focused on tips for reading scholarly journal articles. Join us at 5:00PM in the library on Floor 2 in room 211 to learn and ask questions!

When: Monday, November 14, 2022 from 5:00pm – 5:30pm
Where: McCain Library 211
Who: Christina Tatum and Casey Long, McCain Library
For more information, email McCain Library at

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~Video Production Tips~ Skill Builder

Going remote can present challenges to any video production team. This session will cover tips and resources on making your own video project and how to do so while social distancing.

Instructor: Anastasia Owen, Center for Digital & Visual Literary

For additional information email or call 404-471-6094.

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Researching Ghost Stories

Join us for Tomorrow’s Skill Builder Workshop!

Whenever some sort of unusual phenomenon is happening in town, the courageous ghost hunting heroes always head to the library to learn who might be haunting the town. Want to learn about mayhem that may have happened in your town? Attend this session for tips on searching through historical newspapers.

When: October 30, 2020 – 1:00pm -1:30pm

Instructors: Casey Long & Jenna Lucas

Where: REGISTER to receive a meeting link

For more information, contact McCain Library at or 404-471-6094.

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LinkedIn Profiles: Set Yourself Up for Success

OICD Career Peers Kira and Alisha will discuss the fundamentals of setting up a LinkedIn profile, as well as why a persuasive profile can be an incredible professional tool. Learn how to use LinkedIn as a resume and portfolio and a tool for networking.

  • When: October 26, 2020 @ 4:30pm
  • WhereRegister to receive a link
  • Instructors: Kira Barrett ’21 & Alisha Vegdani ’22, Office of Internship and Career Development

For more information, contact Casey Long at

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World Statistics Day

Today is World Statistics Day! World Statistics Day is celebrated every 5 years on October 20th. This year is the 3rd celebration of the resolution. To learn more about the history of the celebration and the campaign by the Statistics Division of the United Nations Department of Economic Affairs, visit

Happy World

Previously this semester, we featured Statistical Data and Databases in our Skill Builder Series. See the video below to learn about which Databases to use through McCain Library to find data and data sets.

Happy Researching!

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Skill Builder Series: LGBTQ+ Research Tools

Did you know that McCain Library provides access to LGBTQ+ newspapers, magazines, and archival materials? You can review records from ACT UP, Mattachine Society, Lesbian Herstory Archives, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Historical Society and more. In this workshop we will guide you through three databases: Archives of Sexuality & Gender, LBGTQ+ Source, and LGBT Thought and Culture. Plus we will highlight our Queer Cinema Guide.

For more information, contact McCain Library at or 404-471-6094.