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~Video Production Tips~ Skill Builder

Going remote can present challenges to any video production team. This session will cover tips and resources on making your own video project and how to do so while social distancing.

Instructor: Anastasia Owen, Center for Digital & Visual Literary

For additional information email or call 404-471-6094.

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Access World and Local News Resources

McCain Library’s access to the news resource from NewsBank is now accessible. Links have been added to GALILEO and the A to Z list and display of results in EDS and WorldCat is pending.

This resource has reliable, credible information from a wide variety of international, national and local news sources.
Access World News Research Collection:

For other news sources, see the AJC online with access through McCain Library for full-text coverage of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper back to 1985, with full color newspaper image coverage from 2017 to now. Also includes text content from AJC Blogs and web edition only articles.
Access Atlanta Journal-Constitution Collection (1985-current):

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16 Films Released in October That You Can Check Out From McCain Library

Hey Scotties!

Don’t run; this isn’t another Halloween themed post! This, instead, is a list of 17 films (summaries included) you can borrow from McCain Library that were released in the U.S. during the month of October.

Did you know that McCain Library lends DVDs? And we don’t just mean boring educational items like “A History of Britain: the Complete Collection” (call number DA16 .H57 2008 if this, in fact, is your cup of tea). We have a variety of genres and releases, both recent and old, familiar and strange, that’ll entertain you while also encouraging you to “think deeply”.

Stop by the library to pick up one of these DVDs (and a projector or portable DVD player!). If you feel compelled, submit a review of the DVD here and we might feature it on our blog!

The List:

Oct_12 Years a Slave
12 Years a Slave (10/18/2013) | Genre: Biography, Drama, History | Rating: R | Call Number: DVD 3255 | **TW: Depictions of racial violence, racial slurs, and sexual assault | Solomon Northup is a black New Yorker, a violinist, a husband, a father, and a free man in the pre-Civil War era. Until he is tricked, kidnapped and sold into slavery in the South. For 12 years he lives his life as a slave, awakened and infuriated by his mistreatment and the negligence of those who won’t believe him until he returns home again.

Amadeus (10/26/1984) | Genre: Biography, Drama, History | Rating: R | Call Number: DVD 529 / DVD 73 (Director’s Cut) | In this film, the musically brilliant Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is a man of many hats and…and pleasures. If you asked about him, his listeners would call him transcendent, his friends would call him obscene, and his lovers would call him vulgar. If you asked Antonio Salieri, his sworn rival obsessed with his talent and consumed by jealousy, he’d call him a dead man.

Argo (10/02/2012) | Genre: Biography, Drama, Thriller | Rating: R | Call Number: DVD 3052 | When Iranian activists takeover the U.S. Embassy for giving the Shah refuge in the U.S. during the Iranian Revolution, all but 6 staff members are held hostage. CIA exfiltration specialist Tony Mendez is called to devise a plan to sneak the escapees out of Iran and comes up with an unusual solution: a science film titled “Argo”. Devising an elaborate cover up using a phony production company, actors, and other Hollywood facades, Mendez must extract the six members under the film’s pretense before their identities are discovered and everyone is caught. This film is based on a true historical event.

Bamboozled (10/06/2000) | Genre: Comedy-Drama, Satire, Music | Rating: R for language | Call Number: DVD 78 c.2 | **TW: Racism and Racial Slurs | Pierre Delacroix is young, Harvard-educated, and the only black writer for a network with poor ratings. Unfortunately, his racist boss denies every single idea he comes up with that positively depicts black communities. Frustrated, he proposes a black-face minstrel show in protest, but to his chagrin, the network picks it up, and it becomes a hit.

Oct_Cloud Altas
Cloud Atlas (10/26/2012) | Genre: Action, Drama, Mystery | Rating: R | Call Number: DVD 3109 | Book Call Number: PR6063.I 785 C58 2004 | This epic follows six people as their souls are reincarnated and reborn across the ages along with their actions and narratives. Ends become beginnings, death becomes a door, and new worlds are forged from the ending of others. The human experience is a circle.

Oct_Good Hair
Good Hair (10/09/2009) | Genre: Comedy, Documentary | Rating: PG-13 | Call Number: DVD 3002 | When black comedian Chris Rock’s (then) 3-yr old daughter asks him why she doesn’t have good hair, this sends Rock on a mission to learn more about the perception of black hair and the endorsement of white beauty standards in black culture. He interviews a few celebrities and comedian friends along the way.

Oct_Kill Bill Volume 1
Kill Bill: Volume 1 (10/10/2003) | Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller | Rating: R for graphic violence, language | Call Number: DVD 1189 | “The Bride,” a former assassin, awakens from a 4 year coma only to learn that on her wedding day, her entire wedding party was killed (fiancé included) and she is no longer pregnant. Recognizing this as the jealous work of her previous lover – and the leader of the Deadly Viper Assassin Squad – she exacts her revenge and comes for blood. A lot of it.

Oct_Martha Marcy May Marlene
Martha Marcy May Marlene (10/21/2011) | Genre: Drama, Mystery, Thriller | Rating: R Call Number: DVD 2839 | **TW: Depictions of sexual assault | Martha is finally able to escape to her sister’s house for help after spending many years in an abusive cult, but her delusions and paranoia follow her. And perhaps others.

Oct_Pay It Forward
Pay it Forward (10/20/2000) | Genre: Drama, Romance | Rating: PG-13 | Call Number: DVD 1358 | A teacher gives his students an assignment to create an idea that will positively change the world and make it actionable. One of his students decides to “pay favors forward” and encourage the recipients to do the same rather than “repaying” them, creating a wave of kindness throughout the world no one foresaw.

Ray (10/29/2004) | Genre: Biography, Drama, Music | Rating: PG-13 | Call Number: DVD 3221 | This Oscar-winning biography notes the life of the highly-acclaimed rhythm, soul, and blues artist Ray Charles Robinson. On the strength and words of his mother, Ray plays and sings his way to southern and eventually worldwide stardom as he contends with going blind, racism, drug addiction, mistresses, and the haunting death of his young brother.

Oct_The Social Network
The Social Network (10/01/2010) | Genre: Biography, Drama | Rating: PG-13 | Call Number: DVD 2531 | Mark Zuckerberg is a Harvard graduate, computer genius, the creator of “Facebook”, one of the youngest billionaires…and being sued for the theft of intellectual property by former friends. In this biography, Zuckerberg’s path to wealth and power is ladened with jealousy, betrayal, and scandal. “You don’t get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies.”

Oct_Why did I get Married
Why Did I Get Married? (10/12/2007) | Genre: Comedy, Drama | Rating: PG-13 | Call Number: DVD 2147 | Four married couples (and one single woman…) make their way to the snow filled Colorado Mountains for their annual marriage retreat to answer this one question: “Why did I get married?” As shocking news come s forth from one couple’s marriage, the other three couples are (at times, hilariously) forced to face the truth about their own marriages and themselves. Right, Marcus?

Oct_The Wiz
The Wiz (10/24/1978) | Genre: Adventure, Family, Fantasy | Rating: G | Call Number: DVD 2497 | In this musical, African-American adaptation of the classic film “The Wizard of Oz”, “The Wiz” follows the very shy and lost Dorothy – a young school teacher too shy to leave Harlem — as her and her dog are swept through the land of Oz (New York City). She finds new friends, new enemies, and her quite possibly herself on her quest to get back home.

Oct_Where the Wild Things Are
Where The Wild Things Are (10/16/2009) | Genre: Adventure, Drama, Family | Rating: PG | Call Number: DVD 2125 | Book Call Number: PS3569.E6.W44 1963 | Feeling lonely, neglected, and unhappy at home, Max pretends to be an animal to everyone’s dismay. When his mother chastises him, he sails to an island of wild things to be their king and the wild boy he feels he is. He soon learns, however, that even in the wilderness, there’s no place like home.

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We Are Updating the Laptops

Updating Laptops (1)

It’s almost Hump Day Scotties!

You may or may not know that McCain Library circulates laptops to staff, faculty, and students with a loan period of 6 hours. To keep our laptops in the best shape for you, they will be undergoing updates and much needed installations beginning Monday of next week (10/8/18). Unfortunately, this means that laptops will not be available for checkout for the entire week (from 10/8/18 – 10/15/18).

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and wanted to let you know in advance. But do not despair! — we still have several lovely computer workstations on the ground and first floor of McCain Library for you to use and enjoy.

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We Have More Canon Cameras 📷

Happy Friday Scotties!

snapping camera

We know that some of you have had a hard time getting your hands on the very popular and ever-elusive Canon Cameras at McCain Library.

BUT … we are excited to inform you that we have added *6* new Canon Rebel T5i Cameras to our inventory – AND – we are expecting to get 4 more very soon! Additionally, these cameras now loan for 3 days, rather than 1 day.

We apologize for the delays and inconveniences and hope you’ll forgive us!

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Did You Know?…The Printers Have a Built-in Stapler!

Happy Pre-Friday Scotties!

Did you know that the new printers in McCain Library (1st Floor and Ground Floor) have a built-in stapler?? That’s right! Gone are the days of looking around for the (probably misplaced) print station stapler or going up to the Circulation Desk to awkwardly ask to use the one there.

To use the stapler, turn your documents the long way (landscape) so that the top of your documents are to the right. Then, slide the documents all the way in the “stapler cubby” from left to right. Wait for the green light, and then voila! — your documents are now stapled.

According to the printers’ manufacturer, there are so many staples in the printers, they will never. run. out. That’s a pretty serious guarantee, and there’s only one way to find out — come to McCain Library to test it out!

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Need Digital Equipment? We Can Help!

Happy Friday Scotties!

Did you know that at McCain Library, we lend various kinds of technology and digital equipment for all of your audio, visual, and technological needs?  If you need to film something for class or just want to host movie night in your dorm, we can help!

Simply come to the circulation desk, ask for what you need, and one of our lovely library staff or assistants will grab it for you if it’s available. Here’s a visual of what we currently lend below:

Library_ITS Equipment List-1Library_ITS Equipment List-2

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Having Trouble Accessing Databases, Journals, & Newspapers?

Our Apologies…We are Transitioning to a New Authentication Method.

Blog Post about Database Access

We are improving our list of databases and journal-finding tool to make signing into the databases easier if you’re off-campus or on a personal laptop/device . We hope to have it fully ready soon! Listed below are some troubleshooting tips if you get an error message when trying to access a database or an article.

Are you trying to access JSTOR?

Are you trying to access a historical newspaper?

  • Go to Proquest Central
  • Click on Choose Databases
  • Scroll through list to find Historical Newspapers
  • Click on the title of the one you need.

This video will show you how to complete the steps above:


Are you trying to access an article in a newspaper, magazine, or journal?

Start here:

  • Go to Proquest Central
    • Either conduct a keyword search for the author, title, or topic or use the publications tab at the top of the screen to find the specific newspaper you need.


Didn’t find what you need? Try:

  • Go to Academic Search Complete
    • Click on Choose a Database and select all the databases
    • Then search by author, title, or keyword. (Note: the default in this database is phrase-based searching which means you need to use the word AND in between any set of words that you do not want searched as a phrase.)

This video will show you how to complete the steps above:

Trouble Using Fulltext Finder

If you are in a database and find an article that has the FullText Finder button instead of a link to a pdf or html copy it means we do have access to this resource but you will need to do the following:

  • Click on the FullText Finder button
  • Identify the database that contains the full text
  • Go to the master database list
  • Find the name of the database
  • Copy and paste the name of the database into another browser tab
  • Search for the article by title

This video will show you how to complete the steps above:


Trouble using Find Journals Tab

  • Use the Find Journal Tab to look up the name of a magazine, newspaper, or journal
  • Identify which databases have the full text of that publication for the dates you need
  • Use the database master list to find the name of the database that contains your publication
  • Copy and paste the url for the database into a new window
  • Use the search for publication feature at the top of the screen to access a page that will let you just search that publication.

This video will show you how to complete the steps above:

Contact us

We have a list of URLs to other databases like American Chemical Society.

Check our master list

While we are in this transition, our master list provides the most current url for each database. This link is only available available to faculty, staff, and enrolled students. Sorry for the mess!


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New Additions to the Libraries Circulating Equipment Collection

laptop            graphingcalculator

The McCain Library offers a number of equipment items for use by students, faculty, and staff. New additions to the collection include eight circulating HP laptops and two TI-84 Plus CE graphing calculators for in-house use.

A list of all available equipment in the library, including images, loan periods, and availability, is available from the Items to Borrow webpage. The list below includes an overview of equipment available for loan.

  • Laptops
  • PC Adapters
  • MAC Adapters
  • USB Flash Drives
  • Projectors
  • Projector Screens
  • iPads
  • Cell Phone Chargers
  • Digital Cameras
  • Digital Camcorders
  • Digital Voice Recorders
  • Digital Presenter
  • Tripods
  • CD Players
  • Graphing Calculators