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McCain Library Display: Bugs, Insects, and Arthropods

Library student worker Annel Chavez (Class of ’21) created an immersive display
on the First Floor of the library and included the following synopsis when asked for comment.

How you ever wonder what the difference is between Bugs, Insects, and Arthropods? Well, so did I! Which is why we have display in McCain Library explaining the differences and other fun facts on our small little friends! Did you know that spiders are the 7th in the world when it comes to diversity among their populations?

We have so many books for you to read and check out on these many topics. A lot of the books have beautiful illustrations if you wanted references for drawing. The display case is also filled with vintage items, including preserved butterflies and beetles. So don’t be afraid to come and visit the display. None of  preserved bugs will come to life to jump on  you, I promise!



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