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Blind Date with a Book: Find Your Perfect Match February 10th – February 14th

16297013309_876cd5aab5_mIn the advent Valentine’s Day, one of the most dreaded holidays of the year for some, perhaps you’re feeling a little apprehensive about what you will do that day. People are going on dates with their significant others, and some have even found a loophole in the system by planning an outing for their friends, but you still haven’t found something you wanted to do…

How about reading a book? Sometimes the best date you can go on is a date with yourself! Cherish your alone time! Feel like a kid again who didn’t have to listen to societal expectations of what Valentine’s Day should look like! Be a rebel! Capitalism’s worst enemy!

If this sounds enjoyable to you, check out McCain Library’s “Blind Date With A Book” event! Curated by your lovely staff members and student assistants, each book will be thoughtfully packaged in newspaper and decorated with festive cheer. You will also get to know the book by its “speed dating profile” before you check it out, which includes a few hints about its genre, the book’s country of origin, and a short blurb about its contents. People say it’s better than Tinder! The fun starts Sunday, February 10th!

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Mexican Artists & Muralists

Don’t forget to check out student assistants Lauryn Ewens (’22) and Rachel Magana’s (’21) display on Mexican Muralists when you get the chance! Their display combines visuals and literature concerning not just some of the most influential Mexican muralists, but also Mexican artists such as, Frida Kahlo and Jose Guadalupe Posada. They were inspired to create this display because of our LDR 101 class “Mexican Muralism and the Rise of Public Art” (shameless plug) taught by Professor Korol. This course sparked an interest in the art of that time period and has found a cozy corner in McCain!

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NaNoWriMo: Final Meetup for National Novel Writing Month (with prizes!)

National writers month!

We’ve finally arrived to the end of November, so help us end our NaNoWriMo meetups with a bang! The final, culminating meetup will be in Group Study 132 on the first floor of McCain Library from 6-7pm, and we will be raffling gift cards!

Thank you for joining us to write!

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McCain Mad Libs Display

Welcome Back Scotties!

Many of you submitted many hilarious Mad Libs, and there were too many funny ones to only post a few online. To fix the dilemma, we’ve posted them in the ground floor display by the elevator in McCain Library!


We will switch them out weekly, so check back every week for a good laugh as you prepare for finals :).

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NaNoWriMo: On Narrative and Creative Writing

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If you navigate to the “About” page on the National November Writing Month (or NaNoWriMo) website, you will find this brief, but meaningful statement:

National Novel Writing Month is also a 501(c)(3) nonprofit (formerly known as the Office of Letters and Light) that believes your story matters.”

Perhaps the most personal part of this introduction is the implication that your story matters rather than just a story.

NaNoWriMo encourages participants to write about anything they wish, but the emphasis here is on the voice telling the narrative. Your voice.

100 people could tell the same story over and over again. But…could anyone tell it quite like you, with your inflection, your memories, your understanding, or your personage?

This is why your story truly matters. Your personal voice and idiosyncrasies affect the timbre and texture of narratives, putting a one of kind fingerprint on otherwise recycled stories.

With this in mind, consider the collection of books set up next to the NaNoWriMo Display on the first floor of McCain Library. Each one was either:

  • Written by a person who wrote the book during NaNoWriMo and became a best-selling author
  • Deals with narrative and the re-telling or re-writing of fictional and/or actual events
  • Re-tells familiar literature in a new way -OR-
  • Reveals the power and impact of narrative and different voices retelling that narrative on and throughout generations and communities.

If you would like to participate in our weekly  NaNoWriMo meetups, click here for more information.

To go to the NaNoWriMo website, click here.

Happy Writing & Narrating ✒.



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No Costume? No Problem!


Hey Scotties!

McCain Library invites amateurs, professionals, and all in between to join us at our No Costume? No Problem! Halloween Upcycling event on Friday, October 19th from 4-7PM in Room 211 at McCain Library. During the event, you will have the opportunity to design or work on a costume using various odds, ends, fabrics, tools, and materials provided by the library and your peers. There will also be picture inspiration, tips, tricks, tutorials, and peer advice to get you started on your costume masterpiece. You can bring in an unfinished piece or start from scratch if you’d like!

Are you interested? Then RSVP here by Friday, October 17th. You are not required to stay the entire time.

*If you can, please bring at least 3 clothing or costuming items to contribute to the event, such as:

  • Fabric
  • Handheld sewing supplies, scissors, safety pins
  • Fabric glue or fabric tape
  • Fasteners, buttons, Velcro, zippers, etc.
  • Old clothing, ribbon
  • Accessories
  • Scrap wire, wire hangers, pliers, wire cutters
  • Rulers or tape measure
  • Anything that you believe might be useful

We suggest labeling any personal items you share, but plan to keep (like scissors).

Hope to see you there!


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McCain Mad Lib Kickoff

McCain Mad Lib

Hey Scotties!

Some of you may remember filling out Mad Libs as a kid. Some of you may still fill them out. Some of you may have no idea what I’m talking about.

Nevertheless: McCain Mad Libs are here!

A “Mad Lib” is a fill in the blank game where you randomly select a list of words according to the parts of speech asked for. Then, you use that list to populate the story on the back side of the paper. After that, read your story and enjoy a good laugh!

Take a small break from studying, and pick up a “McCain Mad Lib” at the Circulation Desk! This week’s Libs are themed for Banned Book Week.

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Want to Post a Flyer in the Library?

Happy Friday Scotties!

We know that you have many awesome events happening on campus, and we want everyone to know about it!

If you have a flyer* you would like to post, give it to a library staff member. We will put it in our new designated signage area on the first floor. Don’t forget to stop by to see what your peers have planned for you!

*All flyers must have the “approved” stamp from the Student Activities Office to be posted

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Prize Winners & Photos from McCain Library Open House

Thank you to all of the students, staff, and faculty who visited the library during our open house on Thursday, August 30th. Over 50 people attended and 25 completed a scavenger hunt of the library to have their names entered in to a drawing for one of three gift cards to Butter & Cream, eBrik, and Raging Burrito. The winners of the drawing are:

  • Julia King
  • Princess Miller
  • Amya More

In addition to learning how to find a book, test riding bikes, and visiting the Center for Digital & Visual Literacy, participants also had the chance to create a mugshot with the call number for their favorite book.


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Most of our visitors also signed up for a Dekalb County Public Library card!

Thank you to all of our co-hosts: Center for Digital & Visual Literacy, CC from the Center for Student Involvement, Decatur Public Library, and Educational Technology Center!