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Posting Flyers in McCain Library


Did you know you can post flyers in McCain Library? If you are a student group on campus and would like to spread word about your organization or an upcoming event, bring a flyer to the Circulation Desk. Are you a department with an upcoming lecture series or poster that can educate students on how to make Agnes Scott a safer, healthier, smarter campus? Share your poster or flyer with us so we can do our part in educating students on campus affairs.


Once a flyer has been stamped with a McCain Library stamp of approval, a librarian will hang it on our Flyer Board, located on the first floor before you reach the elevator. Please don’t post any flyers without getting them approved first, as we will have to remove them. All flyers advertising events are posted the month that the event occurs in.

We love seeing your beautiful flyers and the hard work that goes into keeping this campus active! Be sure to bring your flyers by McCain Library so that we can help get the word out!

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